ThinkingI always shiver in job interviews when the interviewer asks: Tell me about yourself.  I’m an alien fanatic that loves videoing and taking photos and I’m only applying for this job because I’m a starving artist.  Back when I was 14 in Charlotte North Carolina I fell in love with art.  Which isn’t really a surprise considering I lived in an area with self-professed hippies.  Eventually my love for art evolved to photography and then videography.  At the age of 16 I purchased my first point and shoot camera to take with me on family vacations and now I eat, sleep, drink photography.  That little camera didn’t come cheap though.  I had to cut a lot of grass and clean an ass load of gutters to get it.  I’ve never been a really big fan of a 9-5 job… who am I kidding I despise the corporate environment which is why I never had aspirations to attend college.  Luckily I had a family that supported me and instilled entrepreneurship in me growing up.  Around 5 years ago I entered the professional photography & videography profession and I have shot a total of 80 weddings and several misc events.  Since I don’t live in FL or CA, where the weather is always suitable for photography I decided to start a blog for the down season.  With your help, I hope to make this blog a part time job.  If your interested in advertising here please feel free check out the advertisement page.