Occasions and life events are what we live for, weddings, birthdays and all the fun stuff that remind us that life is good and all is well. We treasure these memories so we could keep them forever, we keep them in photographs and videos so when the time comes, we can look back to these special days with a smile on our face.

I get asked all the time… why is it important to hire the best professional wedding photographer? Hiring a professional photographer to cover your wedding is not only common sense; it ensures your photographs come out looking their best. Professionals know all of the best angles to capture an individual’s beauty, what essential scenes and actions to take, which side compliments a person’s face and body and all the other important stuff in photography. They know how to compose the shot beautifully and execute it with skill and precision. Taking pictures is their life, their passion and their profession. So why would you want to hire an amateur? Would you hire a plumber to do a surgery? Of course you wouldn’t

There a number of advantages you get when you hire a professional photographer, but let me narrow it down to the 5 significant ones.:

1.) Professional Looking Photos – It’s not just about composition of the images, it’s the post processing of the images. The applications and photoshop skills are very important which most of us don’t have but professional photographers do.

2.) Professional Equipment – Professional photographers know that anything can happen at a wedding. Cameras can break, flashes can break and memory cards can fail. That is why when you hire a professional they have several back ups to their equipment. This ensures that if something does happen you will still have your entire wedding covered.

3.) Professional Website – If you want to buy photos online or in person, professionals should give you options. Most photographers have a website that you can go to and view and even order professional prints. If they don’t give you this option you may want to rethink whether you should hire that person.

4.) Time Of Day & Lighting – Having a professional photographer will save you so much time and effort. These people know what time is perfect for taking photos depending on the event. They know the time of the day that gives off the best lighting. This is extremely important when it comes to the bridal photos that are taken prior to the wedding. The best photos are the ones that are taken using as much natural lighting as possible.

5.) Emotionally Stable – Let’s be honest, weddings are extremely stressful for everyone, including the photographer. You will need someone who has been through some of the most stressful weddings and was not only able to cope, but also deliver professional looking images after the wedding is over.

Being able to see photos of you, your loved ones and your family in perfect shape, texture and sentiment is always a good thing, even nostalgic. Seeing photos of special events could bring back so many memories, and this is what photographs signify in our lives.